Adam Doran

Adam Doran

In December 2013, I was a nightshift cop, a newly-divorced single dad, and I was struggling financially.  My personal budget was negative roughly ,000/month.  I desperately needed a business for more income, that I could do on my schedule, and take with me anywhere.

I was connected with Erin Esser, who became my most supportive, inspiring friend.  She invited me to TransformU 2014 in Des Moines, where I really experienced the Yoli family culture–HUNDREDS of people from all over, loving and caring for each other on this journey to optimal health.

After that event, on the drive home, I realized, “This is IT!”  In November 2014, I became a part of Team Yoli.

When I got my products in the mail, I experienced a physical transformation and my belief grew.  I lost 6 lbs my first week and 11 lbs my first month!  But even more noticeable was how I FELT!  I remember waking up on Day 3 feeling like a whole new person!  My acid reflux I’d lived with for more than 15 years was GONE, and so were my allergy symptoms I’d had since I was 5 years old!  I’m also happy to report my athlete’s foot has been totally GONE since that first month on the products!

This business truly has transformed my life!  It has given me the opportunity to travel to new places and meet amazing people from across the Country and the World.  It has provided an income to pay off debt and LIVE more!  I’m excited for what the future holds!

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